My BOO-tiful kids!

My BOO-tiful kids!

Go ahead and mark down another fun filled Halloween for the Hough tribe! This was the first year that DJ and Coley didn’t dress up, but they still managed to collect candy from everyone! We don’t trick-or-treat around our house. Instead we load into the car and drive around to our family’s houses. We only went to 6 houses and ended up with about four walmart bags filled with candy and a walmart bag filled with chips and crackers! These kids have enough candy and snacks to last until Easter!

Hannah and Gianna knew, without a doubt, exactly what they wanted to be. Gianna was Cinderella, her favorite princess ever! Hannah was a ballerina complete with fluffy tutu.

Isaac was a scarecrow. He helped me to make his costume. He thought that his “straw” was really cool! And of course, everybody knows that a scarecrow would be nothing without something to scare! So… Noah was a crow! He was a little bit cranky when I was trying to get pictures of everyone, but he perked right up when he realized that there was candy on the line. Thankfully he even left his crow hat on!

Jake had been on the fence as to whether or not he was going to dress up but apparentlythe pull of candy was too strong to resist! He dressed up as none other than Ben Roethelisberger, quarterback for the Steelers. It ws the coolest thing that he could think of that wasn’t too babyish.

We met up with a Ninja at Mama and Pap-pap’s house! Thankfully it was just my nephew Dylan, so we weren’t in any real danger!

Jake needs some dental help….

Hannah was loving her Hannah Montana ringpop from Aunt Jess!

Isn’t every scarecrow armed with a lightsaber?


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