God adds fire….

Aiden’s full name means “God adds fire.” I often questioned if this was a good thing while I was pregnant. If you were to ask the poor nurses on the maternity floor that had to do my numerous nonstress tests, they would have told you that this child was the most uncooperative baby they had ever seen. “God adds fire” seemed appropriate. But now, I think that it should be “God adds joy.” He is such a sweet and happy baby. He very rarely fusses or cries. Sometimes his soft little giggle is the only thing that can coax a smile out of Brian after a hard day at work. His soft blond hair sticks straight up no matter what I rub onto his head. His big blue eyes are so clear and pretty. His skin is so soft and pink. He is just perfect. He fits perfectly into the crook of my neck, which is good because he loves to nuzzle in there and fall asleep. He is absolutely amazed by his toes and feet. They are, in fact, his favorite thing to suck on.

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