Kids say the funniest things…

Being the mother of 8 is a fulltime job, but one that has alot of perks. One of the perks is the continuous entertainment. Some of the things that these kids say just crack me up! Here are a few good ones…

Gianna….. “Mom, I decided that when I grow up I want to be a nun in full habit because I don’t want to have a baby squiggling around in my stomach. That’s just gross and I DON’T want to stay in the hospital.” The full habit thing is because that’s what Father Larry always says when he blesses the kids. Boys get, “Be a priest!” Girls get, “Be a nun in full habit!” As for the baby “squiggling around in her stomach”…well that IS what it feels like. I would be thrilled if she decided to be a nun, but I don’t think that THAT should be why.

“Mom, what’s a gothic freak?” I must be honest that this took me a bit by suprise. I just laughed and said “What??” She then said, “You told Sissy that she could only wear brown eyeliner because black would make her look like a gothic freak.” Ok, so I did actually say that. I am not totally against black eyeliner, but on my 13 year old red haired, ivory skinned daughter, it just wouldn’t fly, at least not in this house with these parents.

Hannah….. “Mom, If there are 10 people in our family, why did you only get 7 hoagies? I know that Aiden won’t eat one, because he’s too little, but that still leaves 9 people for 7 hoagies. ” I explained that the hoagies were a foot long so that they were big enough to cut up and share and that 7 would be more than enough for all of us. She looked at me skeptically and said, “Well, that depends on whose foot it is! My foot is too short to share! It had better be as long as Daddy’s foot.”

Noah……”Mooooommmmm, I need medicine becasue my nose feels so skinny today.” I think that he meant stuffy….

Noah was helping the kids clean the playroom and Jake said that he stopped and said, “Oh My Gosh…I am the BOSS!”

While hugging our cat Louie, Noah looked at him so lovingly and said, “I just wove you so much Wouie!” He has also been herd yelling, “Weave me awone Wouie!!!” He has some issues with “L” sounds. My favorite example of this was the other day. He asked me to get him some “cwothes” to wear. I, being the smart aleck that I am said, “Cwothes?” “No Mommy, not cwothes, wisten to me…CWOOOOTHES!” He was looking at me like I was crazy. How could I not know what he meant?!

I am sure that I will have many more to add to this list…probably today, but it’s a start!

2 thoughts on “Kids say the funniest things…

  1. No black eyeliner?! No, no, no! But we light-haired girls need our eyes lined to stand out! Oh, your brunettes are so spoiled with your naturally-darkened eye rims!


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