Random funny things that kids say…

After our recent road trip the kids have become quite used to the Garmin as “she” directs us as to which way to go. Anyone who has ever driven with a Garmin and has taken a different route than she advises, has heard her say “Recalculating!” You know what I mean. She actually sounds annoyed with you. It can become kind of disconcerting after a while. You get kind of uncomfortable about letting her down. You just don’t want to hear the inevitable “Recalcuating.” It’s like you can almost her sigh in exasperartion. The kids aren’t real keen on it either and start yelling at us to not make her mad. Even at her young age Gianna has come to realize the importance of the Garmin. The other day she said, “Mommy, how can we ever go anywhere without the ‘recalculator?'” Apparently she doesn’t have a lot of faith in her dad and I! Let’s hope the “recalculator” lives a long battery charged life.

I was helping Noah get dressed the other day. As I put his shirt on, I said, “Did you know that this shirt was Dylan’s when he was your age?” “Oh, cool!” He said. A little while later he came into my room and I had one of Brian’s t-shirts on. He looked at me for a minute and said, ” Mommy was that Daddy’s shirt when he was your age?”    So funny!

While we were visiting at my Mema’s house, Hannah was telling my Aunts about when we got the van stuck in the sand at Presque Isle beach. She was telling them about the man who helped Brian push the van out. She finished by saying that he was so nice even though he smoked cigarettes! She sounded so suprised!