Gianna is Five!

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl!!!

 Miss Gianna Marie is FINALLY five! She has been eagerly anticipating this birthday since last year when she turned four. Gianna has been a joy since her birth. She was born on May 4, 2005. My pregnancy with her was pretty easy. However she was a stubborn one when it came time for her delivery. They were inducing me a few days early and she wouldn’t budge. She was quite content where she was and was going to come in her own good time. (Some things never change! HA!) The nurse broke my water and we settled in for a while, finally accepting the fact that this was going to be a long labor, when she decided it was time and three pushes later she popped out!

She was so sweet and little and soft, all of the wonderful things that you think a tiny baby girl should be. She was sucking her thumb from day one. ( A habit that we are still trying to break!!)

She was such a good baby. I know that mom’s say that all of the time, but she really was! She slept well and nursed well and was a genuinely happy baby.

Here she is with her best friend, Hannah.
Our perfect baby girl
She was soooo happy!
I often said that she was just perfect…and she was…at least until she turned one.
If you look closely enough, you can see that the pigtails are covering up her little horns!

That is when the mischievous little sprite emerged! That soft little laugh turned into a high pitched giggle of pure joy. She turned into this funny little person who loves to make us laugh, but don’t you dare tell her that she’s funny! She absolutely HATES that!

Brian calls her Shaggs because no matter how I do her hair, about 5 minutes later it’s a shaggy mess. One pig tail up, one falling out!  She is always missing one bow or barrette. She is such a lovable little thing.

Hannah and Gianna at the Alice in Wonderland play
She loves to swim almost as much as she loves her Sissy.
She also loves to be the big sister.
Although she loves to play soccer and is a bit of a tomboy, she LOVES to be fashionable and is addicted to makeup. I have to check her face before we leave the house to make sure that she isn’t trying to wear lipstick to church!

She loves to snuggle up with whomever is available. She is so excited to start kindergarten next year. When I took her for her Kindergarten screening test a couple of weeks ago, a lump started to form in my throat. She has been my little buddy for 5 years now! What am I going to do next year when she is in school!? I have been through this enough times to know that once they start school, it’s different. They become more independent and need Mommy a little bit less and less. For now, I’m going to enjoy all of the snuggles that I can before she’s climbing onto that bus to start the next phase of her life. This is a life that I am so blessed to be a part of.