A beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

 It has been freakishly warm and springish around here, especially for February in Western PA. I had a ton of running around to do and in the interest of saving a little bit of gas and trying wear out the littles and the middles, I thought that I would take the kids to the park between trips to the highschool for basketball. The little kids needed to get out of the house and to burn of some energy. The weather was gorgeous!! It was a win win situation for all involved. One of the many fun things about having a ton of kids is the impressive ability to clear out a playground in under a minute. We can pull up to the playground and as we unload kid after kid after kid people become overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of us and leave. Viola !! Playground all to ourselves. Or the other way that it plays out is that we pull up to the playground and as we unload kid after kid after kid, the kids that are already there become overjoyed at the multitude of potential playmates. Either way, I am happy because my kids are getting to play and getting tired! Woohoo! 

Jonathan loved the swings
Dj  was helping JP get around
Isaac was swinging really high!

My wildman, Aiden

Noah, JP, Gianna and DJ
Aiden was loving the slides

Jump !
Hannah was walking the perimeter

Isaac was the king of the world…or at least the slide!

Gia was having a great time swinging!