Hannah’s big day…

I am very blessed and one of these blessings is a special girl named Hannah Therese. My beautiful girl received her First Holy Communion today at mass. Our priest commented on how it had only been 8 short years ago that we had first presented our children for their very first sacrament, Baptism. It was funny because at that very moment, I was thinking about the same thing. We had stood in the very same church with many of the very same people and presented our little baby girl for baptism. As the water had flowed over her sweet little head she was washed clean of original sin. As the priest made a cross on her forehead with the chrism oil, she was marked  with the sign of the faithful. She was there cradled in our arms in a beautiful white gown waiting to be welcomed into God’s family and here she was 8 years later standing on her own two feet in a beautiful white gown. She was prepared to receive our dear Lord for the very first time and she was giddy with excitement. Brian and I were sitting behind her and she kept looking over her shoulder at us. I could tell that she was nervous, but determined not to be. She was ready and so was I. I was ready to watch her continue on in her faith journey. I was ready to see her grow up a little bit more. That was this morning. Now I am not so sure. I think that I have decided that I am over it. She can be done growing up. She can be all finished wearing beautiful white gowns and standing in the front of the church with our priest…the next time that happens will probably be her wedding. Ugh. I am totally fine with where things are now. I am happy to watch her lay in the grass picking dandelions and making crowns out of them for in her hair. I am ok with finding her all curled up in her bed reading Peter Pan to our cat when she is supposed to be putting away her laundry. I love listening to her daily adventures in second grade. In fact one of my favorite things to do is to read her funny little stories and see the pictures that she loves to draw.  She plays soccer and wears pigtails. She rides her bike and plays with her American Girl doll. She has tea parties and plays dress up. I am thrilled to watch my little girl be exactly that… a little girl. She can continue to be a little girl, but now she has something special. She has received the Eucharist and will be able to unite with our Lord every Sunday at mass in such a special way. This will give her spiritual nourishment and  grace that she will need as she grows up. Her purity and sweetness are special and I pray that some of the graces that she will receive will help her to preserve that little girl innocence. She is blessed and she is my blessing. Thank you God for Hannah Therese. 

Sweet baby girl…
Hannah age 3…
Hannah on her special day
Happy first communion!!
First Holy Communion
Hannah and Grace–Godsisters
The whole family
Proud Mom and Dad with Hannah
The end of a very busy day and she was still smiling!

Teens and Toddlers…Is there really a difference?

I am a mother to 9 lovely human beings. My crew ranges in age from 14 months to 16 years. It’s kind of insane, I know. On a daily basis, I handle issues ranging from diaper rash to acne, from playdoh to makeup, from kindergarten registration to drivers licenses. I am a very observant person, and as such I notice things. For example, despite the huge difference in size, teens and toddlers really have quite a bit in common. Toddlers eat nonstop…teens eat nonstop. Toddlers need tons of sleep, teens need tons of sleep. Toddlers throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their own way and teens throw temper tantrums…well you get the point. Another thing that they have in common is that both toddlers and teens are trying to find their independence and their own identity. Hence the temper tantrums and whining. The battle that naptime becomes. Although there is a difference here. Toddlers fight you because they don’t want to nap, but teens fight you because they do. They are in such a rush to grow up and move on to the next phase, they overlook how great being a kid really is. I just want to grab them and yell, “What is the rush??? Slow down and enjoy where you are!” Don’t they realize that in a flash they will be all grown up with a mortgage and a job? Don’t they realize that they are in a magically wonderful time? Of course not. I know that I didn’t. I was always in a hurry to grow up. I guess that as a mother I still am. I find myself always trying to get to the next phase. I find myself pushing my kids sometimes to prove (To who??? I have no clue…) that I am a good mom. I have things together because my kid can do XYand Z. I need to slow down and enjoy each kid at each phase. I am going to blink and it will all be over.  I guess I am kind of like a toddler and a teen too…the only difference is that nobody tells me to take a nap.