Hannah Therese the Birthday Girl!

My Hannah Therese is nine years old now. What in the world?!?! She has been such a joy from the very beginning! She was such a giggly smiling baby. She had the sweetest chubbiest cheeks and the prettiest bright blue eyes!

 She also had no hair. I was bound and determined to get pig tails in her hair. I would get about three hairs in each gumband. They looked more like paint brushes than pig tails.

 She was also our binky baby. She had that darn thing in 24/7! She could even sneeze with her binky in and not lose it! She was about two and a half and I cut the ends off of all of her binkies and when she would try to suck on it it would pop out of her mouth. She tried and tried to keep it in and finally gave up. She looked at me and said, “It broken.” And very sadly threw it away. I didn’t think that she would get over it easily, but in true Hannah style she bounced right back. Without the binky in her mouth she was now free to talk…and talk and talk and talk… Some of you (Ok, probably most of you, are thinking like mother, like daughter! I know that you are! But she talks even more than I do! Seriously! )

This is Hannah on her third birthday. It is one of my absolute favorite pictures of her! This was deep in the heart of her Dora obsession. She loved all things Dora. She would run around yelling random Spanish words. I actually had to start paying attention when Dora was on so that I knew what in the world she was saying! 

Here is Hannah and one of her favorite people in the world, Grace. They are Godsisters and true friends. (Brian and I are Gracie’s godparents and Gracie’s parents are Hannah’s godparents.) They are in the same grade in school and have even been in the same classroom a couple of times. At one point they were having a disagreement about what to play at recess. I asked Hannah what happened. She replied that they decided that even if they fight, it doesn’t matter because, Godsisters are more important than just friends. And no matter what they will always be Godsisters. I look forward to watching these two Godsisters continue on in their friendship as they journey closer to Christ.

This is Hannah and another one of her favorite people, her baby sister Gianna. (Although they would both emphatically disagree with that!) Gianna is 16 months younger than Hannah. This means that they always have each other. They are either partners in crime or arch rivals. Although I am sure that they would deny it, they truly are inseparable. This is another relationship that I love to watch grow and develop. I know that my sister is one of my very best friends and like it or not, they are too!

Hannah received her First Communion this past May. It was a beautiful day. Watching my little girl receive the Body and Blood of our precious Lord was a very special moment.

And finally here she is on the first day of third grade. THIRD GRADE!!! Third grade is for big kids, not my little Hannah! But like it or not, third grade it is. She loves school. She is one of those kids that was born to go to school. She loves homework, she loves her teachers. She constantly has her nose stuck in a book. In fact when I send her to her room to clean, 98% of the time when I go back to check on her progress, she is curled up on her bean bag chair reading. Her recent book obsession has become Nancy Drew. My sister bought her the boxed set of Nancy Drew books for her birthday and she LOVES them. She even made up a little detective kit complete with a notebook to write down clues and a cup of flour and a paint brush for fingerprints. She is so funny!

Here is Hannah and her birthday cake. Per her request, it was Sacagawea. When I asked her why Sacagawea, she looked at me and said, I think that she is very interesting. Can’t argue with that!
 She is inquisitive and always asks questions. Usually they are the type of question that requires google to answer. She is a deep thinker. I love to watch her when she is really trying to work something out. You can almost see the wheels turning. She is an animal lover, especially cats. Our cat Louie is her baby. He is lucky that she loves him because he drives the rest of us insane. She is his protector.  She loves to dress up and look pretty, but prefers to be comfy most of the time. Another one of Hannah’s good qualities is her unwavering honesty. She told me the other day, and I quote, “Mom even if other people say that you are ugly, I will always think that you are beautiful!” Ummm, thanks?! DJ was horrified and said,”Hannah!! That wasn’t nice!” I just laughed, because I knew exactly what she meant. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, she really meant what she said, she thinks that I am beautiful, no matter what…I think that she is pretty beautiful too. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! We love you!