St. Anthony to the rescue…again!

For those of you that don’t know, St Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. You might also not know that he lives at our house. Seriously, the poor guy has taken up permanent residency in our home. In the last week I have asked him to help me find a library book cd, my new glasses and my diamond out of my engagement ring. Yep, my diamond. I was putting some clothes on the top shelf in my closet and I whacked my hand off of the top of the frame of my closet. My first reaction was “OUCH!” My second reaction was “OH NO!” I looked at my hand and realized that when I had hit my hand, one of the prongs that hold my beautiful perfect diamond in place was missing along with my beautiful perfect diamond. My ring is special to me for so many reasons. For one thing, it is the one piece of jewelry that my sweet husband has given to me and my destructive…I mean darling, children haven’t been able to destroy. (The irony of this is not lost on me.) Over the years he has given me beautiful necklaces that have been snapped by grabby toddler hands. He has given me earrings that have been ripped out of my ears and bent out of shape by the same grabby toddlers. He just stopped buying me jewelry altogether. My engagement ring was the lone survivor. It was as beautiful and sparkly as it was on the very day that he proposed to me. In fact when we were at Lowes getting paint for out bathroom remodel just a month ago, the girl at the paint counter commented on how pretty it was. I said, “Thank you!” and I looked down at my hand. The twinkly ring made me smile.

So you can imagine that when I looked at my hand and saw the empty setting, my heart sank. I started to cry… a lot. And then as all good Catholic girls would do, I started a constant conversation with St. Anthony, begging him to help me find it. The task seemed insurmountable. My one carat diamond is a nice size for a diamond but very teeny tiny compared to my bedroom. sigh. I was nauseated. I picked up the phone and called Brian. He took the news fairly well and tried to stay positive. “Just ask St. Anthony. He will help you,” he advised. I knew that he was right but Holy Moly, I was not looking forward to the search. After a quick call to my mom and sister to ask for some prayers and basically to whine and have a mini pity party, I got back to looking. 2 hours in, I was listening to my ipod when the music shut off. Of course. I tried to get it to turn on, but it wouldn’t. Why not?! So being the negative nelly that I am, I went back to my closet. I was grumbling while I carefully pulled out every single hanging item in my closet. I was gently shaking a blouse when I heard it fall out and hit the plastic lid of a tote in the bottom of my closet. Thank you ipod for shutting off! I looked down and there it was just twinkling away! Thank you St. Anthony!

I came out in the living room and happened to lift up the corner of the couch and there was the missing library cd. WooHoo! Two finds in one day! I also found my glasses in the middle console of the van. (random!) Every. Single. Time. St Anthony to the rescue!

I can not emphasize how many times he has come through for us. With St. Anthony’s help we have found a 12 passenger van, dvds, the remote control (unknown least once a day!). You name it, I am sure that at least on e of us has lost it and St. Anthony finds it! Thank you God and thank you St.Anthony!

A funny little side story. Brian has NEVER removed his wedding ring, ever. He has jokingly said that if he takes it off, we won’t be married any more. He just might be on to something.When I took my ring and diamond to the jewelers to have the two reunited, I had to write my name and phone number down. I started to write my name and I wrote (after almost 13 years of marriage!) my maiden name! OOPS! After having my ring off for a day I had already forgotten my married name! Ok, I didn’t actually forget, but it was kind of funny.