Halloween 2013

We, the Houghs, do Halloween. Yep, that’s what I said. I know that a lot of people hate it, and honestly, we hate parts of it, but there are definitely positives to it as well. We don’t do the gory, creepy Halloween. In fact the scariest thing that any of our kids has dressed up as was an IRS Tax Auditor. (I know, we walked the terrifying line with that one.)  Anyway, I do love to help the kids get ready. They get so excited to dress up and “Trick or Treat.” Last night, the husband and I took the 6 littlest Houghlings out and about. We hit a few family houses, essentially restocked our snack basket (thank you family!) and had an exhaustingly fun time. Here are some pictures to prove it…

Einstein…According to his calculations Halloween was a smashing success!
My beautiful ballerina, Miss Gia
Captain America to the rescue!

Iron Man was his backup.

And let’s not forget our friendly neighborhood Spiderman!

Watch out Yuck guys! You are going down!

Meow, Meow…Hannah  was a kitty.

Einstein and his kitty

The 6 littlest Houghlings…

The loot (minus two Walmart bags full of candy that I found hidden in certain kids’ bedrooms!)
There you have it folks…Halloween Hough-style. Happy Early All Saints Day!
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Another Senior Event

Last night was Senior Night  (or afternoon as the case may be) for the soccer team. It has been about 5 years since I officially became a Soccer Mom. I never played soccer. I didn’t know the rules. My limited knowledge could be summed up in two sentences.” If you kicked the ball into the goal thingy, that was good. If the other team kicked the ball into the goal thingy, that was bad.”  In fact, I just now (5 years later) figured out (sort of) what “off sides” means. But despite my complete lack of “soccer knowledge,” I have to admit that I really enjoy watching my kids play. To see the difference between U6 also known as “magnet ball” and Varsity Soccer at the high school level is really neat. It’s kind of amazing really. But honestly, regardless of the skill level, there is something so special about watching your kids play sports. I love to watch them pour their hearts into playing. In the way that a mother is connected to her children, my heart is connected to theirs. My heart leaps when they score a goal or block a shot. It sinks a little bit when they fall behind. It pretty much stops when they get hit and don’t get up right away. When things get tense, I clench my fists and close my eyes. I cheer when things are going well. And, I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I occasionally yell at the ref. ( I mean seriously, if I know that something bad happened, it should be obvious to everyone, especially a referee!) I am a Soccer Mom through and through. 
We escorted our Soccer Senior, DJ.

We are so proud of him!