Angels fly with us!

I am thankful for many things…my husband and kids, (obviously!), my extended family, my friends, my church family, the ability to provide my children with full bellies and a cozy house. I am blessed beyond blessed. I was, as I am sure that most of you were, reminded of all of this over the last few days as we celebrated Thanksgiving. (We celebrated 4 times, so I was REALLY reminded!) I can honestly say that this Thanksgiving was one of the best ones that I have had in a while. I really enjoyed visiting with my cousins. It was so nice to just sit and catch up. My parents are both one of 6, so I have a ton of cousins. As I was growing up they were such an important part of  my life. They were my first friends! To have the chance to share old stories and laugh over a glass of wine, was such a blessing. To see our children playing together or “hanging out” made my heart happy.

I am also very thankful for safe cars, as well as car seats and seat belts. I was reminded of this today on the way to church. I had Jonathan and Aiden with me. We were heading to mass to meet Brian and the crew who were already there for Faith Formation. My front tire hit some slushy icy stuff and I went off of the road. When I tried to get back onto the road we spun around and shot across the road and hit the guard rail and flipped over it and rolled down the hill. It happened so fast, but it seemed like slow motion. All that I remember thinking was “My Babies!” I yelled, “God, be with us PLEASE!” He certainly was. We were able to walk away from it with nothing but a little stiffness. Thank You God! The boys were safe and sound strapped into their car seats. In fact Aiden told one of the EMS people that it was fun!  Fun is definitely not a word that I would use to describe it, but I am glad that he wasn’t freaked out.

There were several kind people that stopped to check on us and one of them called 911. Within minutes there was an ambulance, fire truck, police car and numerous first responders on site. Everyone single one of them were amazing. They were all so kind and concerned. Which was good, because I was freaking out. I couldn’t stop shaking. I just kept thinking about how differently it all could have turned out. But they continued to remind me that the boys were safe and sound. It was just about the best ending that could have happened. I had to try to get a hold of Brian. I knew that he was at church, but everyone would have their phones turned off. I took a chance and called my good friend Missy who lives right beside our church. Thankfully (?) she had an upset stomach so she didn’t go to mass. She ran over to the church to get Brian and her husband, Steve, followed Brian over in case we needed anything.  Another friend of mine, Amy, sat with our kids while Brian came to be with me and the little ones. I was so relieved to see him. Once I felt his arms around me, I started to calm down. The paramedics checked the boys and I out and I signed a million papers and then we left. Brian was actually, somewhat miraculously, able to drive the car a couple of miles down the road to an auto body shop. That little subaru started right up, even after landing on her head a few times! I would recommend one to anyone.

We went to church to pick up the rest of the kids. Missy and Jonah came to the van and waited with us while Brian went into the church to get the crew. As mass let out, my friends came over to check on me. They hugged me and I even allowed them to. (I am not a hugger. They make fun of me constantly for it.) The hugs were actually comforting. (There might be hope for me yet girls!) And then more of our church family came up to the van to make sure that we were ok. I was so touched. They had tears in their eyes and concern in their voices. Our sweet Bubba Lady kept squeezing my hand telling me that cars can be replaced.  People can’t. She is right. We can replace our little car, but my boys are one of a kind. Thank you God for keeping them safe.

Me and my little boys, Aiden and Jonathan
Our Angels were with us today!

One thought on “Angels fly with us!

  1. Wow! Thank you, God! I'm so glad everyone's OK. So funny that the boys thought it was 'fun'. At least they won't be afraid to get in the car again!


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