Time to make the Doughnuts!!

I am not a fan of doughnuts. I don’t really like them. But there is one tiny exception to this. My Mama made the best doughnuts. They are heavenly. I have watched my Mema make them with my mom and my aunts. My sister and I have helped my mom make them. But I have never attempted them on my own. I wasn’t allowed to. When my sister and I helped my mom, we were not allowed to do the frying. That task was reserved for my mom. I mean seriously, we could have gotten burned! lol I kept reminding her that I am actually an adult. I have managed to raise a few kids and so far they are all ok, well at least relatively speaking…but to no avail. No frying for me. I love my mom. She makes me smile. 🙂
Any whoooo, Some of our favorite Roses were coming for a visit. Jon, Raeleen and Ethan came for a visit this weekend and I thought that it would be fun to give doughnuts a try. I used my Mama’s recipe, my mom’s doughnut cutters and sticks and swore a blood oath to my mom that I would not burn myself. (I must admit that I was a little bit nervous.) It was game time! I mixed up the dough and let it raise and then we got to the task at hand….
The Roller/Cutters…Raeleen and Hannah
The Glazers…Coley and Gia
The Fryer…(Oh yeah!!!) Me!!!
It took me a few batches to get the hang of the timing and what not, but I think that I figured it out. The first few were too dark, the next few weren’t quite done, but after trial and error, I (finally) got it. Here is the result:
The deliciousness that was the result…23 dozen doughnuts!
I called my mom and asked her if Vitamin E was what you put on burns. She did not find my lame attempt at humor funny, but I got a little giggle out of it. Thankfully we all managed to complete the doughnuts unscathed. Well, aside from the 6 pounds that I gained. 😉


I don’t have a voice. Not in the metaphoric way…nope in the literal, I open my mouth and nothing comes out, totally frustrating way. Well, frustrating for me, probably not for my kids. Anyway…I am feeling a tad under the weather, so I have been trying to just rest today so that I can get back to the normal chaos tomorrow. I have decided to take advantage of this down time and write a quick blog about Jonathan before I forget. 

You see my littlest one, my sweet baby, has gone and turned into a boy on me. It happened practically over night. One minute he needed me for everything and the next minute he was one of the big boys, running and wrestling with the gang. Oh my. 
The other day we had to go somewhere and I needed to wake him up. This goes against every fiber of my maternal being, but we were running out of time and it was a necessity. I went into his room and sat down on his new big boy bed and looked at him. He was sleeping so soundly. He looked so peaceful and angelic. I couldn’t help myself. I just curled up beside him to watch him for a minute. His eyes fluttered open for a second. He reached his little hand out and gently rubbed my cheek and said “I wuv you so much Mommy.” Oh my goodness. My heart melted and broke all at the same time! I love you too! It was just the little thing that I needed right at that moment. He put a smile on my face. 
Well, I should have known that he wasn’t about to let me get all full of myself. Nope, kids have a way of keeping us grounded. The next day I was in the shower. I have no idea why I thought that this was something that I could have done alone. Oh my, no! He let himself in the bathroom. “Hey Mom!” he called. “What?” I asked. “I so sorry Mommy,” he said. “Sorry for what?” I foolishly asked. “I so sorry for calling you a butthead Mommy. I so sorry.” I said, “But you didn’t call me a butthead.” “Oh yes I did.” Well ok then. Ummm apology accepted…I guess.?.?
He is always ready…guns blazing!