That time that the cops showed up…

Sooooo, here’s a fun little question! What happens when you get 14 Hough kids all together in one place? Here’s a clue: A car with fancy flashing lights pulls up in front of your house and a man in uniform knocks on your front door.

Yep. That happened.

We were celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday. She and her husband had come to Steubenville for the conference this past weekend, so we invited Chad, Denee and their kids to come here for dinner to celebrate and see the house. We were just sitting around the table talking and the kids were all over the place. This house was full of noise and fun when I heard the phone ring. I jumped up to get it and of course I couldn’t find it. That was when I heard Peezy talking. I took the phone off of him and said, “Hello?” The man on the other end asked to speak to an adult. “Ummm, I am an adult. Can I help you?” And then the dreaded response, “Ma’am this is 911. We received a hangup call from this address. Officers are in route to check and make sure that everything is ok. Is everything alright?” Hmmm, besides the small child that I am going to kill??? “Oh my, yes we are fine. I think that my son may have done that. I am so sorry. ” I looked outside and see an officer coming up the steps of the porch. Holy crap that was FAST! They don’t mess around in Steubenville! The 911 guy explains that officers are dispatched in any hangup situations and after checking again to make sure that things seem ok, he hangs up.

I opened the door to face the music, ie the policeman standing on my porch. I heard the 911 guy telling him that it sounded like a house full of kids and that it was an accident. The officer called off back up and then turned to talk to me. After I explained again that I was 100%  sure that the culprit was my 4 year old and apologized profusely for wasting his time. I had a hard time controlling my nervous “oh-my-gosh-I-am-going-to-die” laugh.  He assured me that it was fine. I dragged a sheepish looking Peezy to the door and said, “This police officer had to come to make sure that we were safe because you were messing with the phone! This is why you can’t do this. ” I thought that Jonathan was going to pee himself. I am pretty sure that I got my point across. The officer explained to him that his job is to keep all of us safe, so if they get a phone call they have to check it out. He then said that accidents happen and it was ok. I, on the other hand, was thinking, “It is most certainly NOT ok and if this ever happens again, I may kill him! Tell him that you are going to throw us all in jail if he ever touches the phone again!!!!!! For the love of Pete,  scare the crap out of him!!!” Instead, I thanked the officer and again apologized. He said that it was fine, accidents happen. And then he informed me that there would be a police record on file that they were here.

Awesome. We lived in Dayton for 15 years. the only time that we ever saw any police even remotely close to our house was once a year during the Dayton Fair week. We have lived in Steubenville for 6 weeks and we already have a file. Let the new adventures begin!!!