Random ramblings and update

So you know how as a parent you say super encouraging things to your kids? You urge them to step out of the box and do things that they might not be comfortable doing because you know that it is for their own good. Yeah, well I am a master at giving the encouragement, but a buttsucky recipient. I am quite happy to sit snugly in my box all wrapped up in my familiar comfort. But in an effort to grow (ugh), I have placed a teeny tiny toe outside of my box of comfort. Brian was telling me in a very informative, nonchalant manner about a class being offered at the university. He is amazingly intuitive when it comes to how my rebellious nature flares when someone makes a “suggestion” to me about what I “should” do. But I surprised him, (and me) when I said that I would go. 
For the next 7 weeks I am attending a class where we are studying the Bible after which I will be certified to lead said class. I must admit that I cannot see that happening. I feel very insecure and pretty Catholic stupid here. Hence, my agreeing to go to the class. But I am trying, I really am. 
Anywhooo, I am sitting in the first class, where I arrived embarrassingly early, and I was observing all of these young, wrinkle-free, fresh-faced children filling in the seats around me. I couldn’t help but think “I could literally be their mom.” And then Coley came in an slid into the seat beside me. “Hello Momasita!” That is when it punched me in the throat. “Holy crap, I was one of these kids mom!!!” 
Now that Brian works at the university, I could attend for free. I have tossed around the idea of going back to school to take a few classes. But the thought makes me super anxious. First of all I have birthed 6 kids and parented 9. They have sucked my brain dry of all things scholarly. I no longer have the ability to retain information. Not to mention the fact that Jonathan is still at home with me. But Jonathan will be in kindergarten next year, so who knows?!?  One of my new friends, Lisa, is a mom and a wife and a full-time student. I am in awe of her. I cannot even imagine how she does it. But she does do it and she does it well. 
It is definitely something to think about. I think about a lot of things. And when I think about things, I stress about things. And when I am stressed, I eat and I nest. Recently my nesting has developed into fall decorating and house projects. 
My beautiful dining room.
Artwork by DJ and PJ(also known as JP)
This house helps to soothe away the anxiety. I guess that is because it no longer feels like a house, it is now feeling like home. But not just any home, our home. My dear friend, Jessie, told me that as the year continues along and we are here to experience more and more of our family celebrations, we will feel more at home. She was right.
 Case in point, Our first birthday party in the new house:
Soccer in Steubenville :Season 1
Aiden and the Earthquakes
The spectators…Isaac’s legs look so long.
Miss Gianna and the Crew
Noah and the Dynamos
Isaac and the Crusaders
So as we settle into our new house and make a life here in Steubenville, we are starting to feel at home. Slowly but surely.
However, one thing that I am not sure that I will ever get used to, is the crazy fog and stink that takes over in the evening and lasts until it burns off in the morning.  Ick. The Steubenville stench is no joke my friends. Thank you Yankee candles for your existence.