I am not a fan

We half-heartedly “do” the Easter Bunny. We never really make a big fuss over it, but we don’t refute it either. The kids all get Easter baskets full of candy and little gifts, but we really put the focus on the true meaning of Easter, the Resurrection.

Despite our lackadaisical emphasis on the Easter Bunny, Jonathan is obsessed. One day we were running some errands and he asked me if I liked the Easter Bunny. I said, ” Well, I am not really a fan. I guess that he’s ok, but I think that real focus of Easter should be on Jesus, not some silly bunny. ” His mouth hit the floor. He looked at me in disbelief. “What?!?” he asked me. “Mom, I am a fan of Jesus annnnnd the Easter Bunny.” I just chuckled and thought that was the end of it. Well, it most certainly was not. He was apparently really bothered by the fact that I told him that I was not a “fan.” He started to ask everyone else in our family what their thoughts were on the Easter Bunny. And he made a point to call me out each time. “Mom said that she isn’t a fan. She probably won’t even get any candy” he would say with a raised eyebrow. That night, he asked Coley if she liked the Easter Bunny. She said that she did and she hoped that he would bring her skittles and jellybeans. He nodded his head and asked her if she had ever spoken to the Easter Bunny. She smiled and said that no, she hadn’t. With that, I sent him up to bed. A minute later, he yells downstairs (in a high squeaky pretend voice), “Coley? Are  you there? It’s me the Easter Bunny! I am going to bring you Skittles and jellybeans!” Coley and I looked at each other and practically lost it. “The Easter Bunny?! Wow! What are you doing here?” she responded. “I just wanted to tell you that I am going to bring you some candy because you are a fan!” he answered in the “EB” voice. But then, in his normal voice he asks, “Sissy, who are you talking to? It sounds like the Easter Bunny!” To which the “EB” voice answered, “It is the Easter Bunny Jonathan!  I am going to bring you candy too!” Oh my gosh, we were dying. It was hysterical. I am telling you what. That kid is something else. And I might not be a fan of the Easter Bunny, but I am definitely a fan of Jonathan. It should make for an interesting Easter.

The world and little nuns

I try to pretend like the world isn’t going crazy around us. I would love to just stick my head in the sand and be blissfully ignorant to the upcoming election. Most people that know me, would not be surprised to hear that I am not a super political person. Political issues are intimidating. When people start to discuss politics, I feel extremely incompetent and unnerved. I want to build a wall around my house and keep my family securely protected within. And l want to live in a happy bubble where everyone is treated fairly and respected. I want everyone to have their needs met. I want every child to be safe and secure and loved. That is what I want.

However, this is what I know. There is no big happy bubble. Life isn’t fair. And sadly we live in a world where respect is not a given. People are more concerned with how things will affect them, rather than if it is right. And heartbreakingly, every child is not safe and secure in this big scary world that we live in. In fact they aren’t even safe and secure in their mother’s wombs. I am worried about what the future will bring for my children. We are right now, at a point where here, in AMERICA, we are having our religious freedoms stripped away from us, little by little. We are living in a world where the Little Sisters of the Poor are facing a $70,000,000 fine if they do not comply with the “Contraceptive Mandate.” This is in direct violation to their Catholic faith. These women have dedicated their lives to their faith and serving the elderly with dignity and kindness. So yes, please let’s just bankrupt them for not agreeing to provide coverage of sterilization and abortion causing devices as well as contraception. Clearly that will show the little nuns.  (sarcasm there, in case you didn’t catch it)

Here is the thing. It seems to me that it would be obvious that if you have made the decision to work for an organization that is run by Catholic nuns, you would do so knowing that the business would be run according to the beliefs of the Catholic church. If you are not Catholic and choose to use birth control, that is up to you. ( Although,  I beg you to please look into Natural Family Planning  and the Couple to Couple league.) You have two options. 1) Don’t work there  or 2) get these things through the affordable care act, through the government and leave the Sisters out of it.  Why should an organization, that is and has always been staunchly prolife and against birth control, be forced to go directly against their beliefs???  And to make it even more messed up, there are major companies (ie Pepsi, Exxon and the US military) that are exempt from complying with this very mandate, you know, for financial reasons. Seriously!?!?! I just shake my head.

So, now what? I honestly don’t know. But I know that I will be praying. I will be begging God to protect our religious freedom. I will be asking God to watch over the Little Sisters, who are courageously standing up for their beliefs. I will be praying for the upcoming presidential election. I will continue to ask God to guide us as we choose the next president. I am going to be honest when I say, I am kind of sick to the stomach about this election. I can’t, for the life of me, see how any of the options are going to be good. But that is where faith comes in. We need to ask for God’s protection  and trust that no matter what the outcome, He will remain in our presence.

Boring…so delightfully boring…

So here it is…the first official post on the new blog. I feel as if I should have something monumentally inspiring and thought provoking to say. But I can happily say that I have nothing of importance to talk about and honestly after the last couple of months, I will happily take boring and mundane. I was just reveling in the normalcy of this weekend. It was just a plain old boring and wonderfully ordinary weekend. Ahhhhhhh … Saturday the weather was beautiful and the kids played outside all day. My husband and I took my sweet little bogle for a walk. I mean, come on! Walking my dog?!? How much more normal can you get? We watched a movie. We went to church. I made homemade shamrock shakes for the kids, which elevated me up somewhere near rockstar status for about 4 1/2 minutes. The husband and I took the dog for another (?!?!?) walk. I read a book. We had dinner. My kids played a board game, as in a game that did not require an ounce of electricity. All of them played together and didn’t fight. ( OK, maybe they fought but I was blissfully unaware because as I said earlier…I was reading a book!) It was basically as normal and ordinary as you could get and I loved every single second of it. Today I had a a lovely lunch with my youngest. During which he informed me that, ” Macterneens (nectarines) are like fake peaches that basically taste like nothing.” I just nodded and stifled a giggle. I am going to soak up as much of this everyday  “everydayness” as I can because you and I both know that the chaos is right around the corner.