Just some stuff…

It has been a super weird (not in a bad way) week. First of all, the three big kids went to Michigan to visit family. This in and of itself is not a big deal, but the fact that they drove themselves for the first time…big deal. The absence of the three of them is weird and empty. I hate it very much. It is just another reminder to me that school is right around the corner and they will be gone again. Stupid kid stealing schools…

Secondly, after a summer of the husband working really hard at the youth conferences at Franciscan and basically living on campus, he is off for 18 days straight! This is something that he has stated (several times), hasn’t happened since he graduated college like a zillion years ago. So basically, it is also a big deal. Now, I must say, his idea of not working for 18 days straight and mine differ slightly. I guess that if I was taking off, I wouldn’t go to work…but that is just me. But seriously, aside from a few quick trips to the office to sign this or that, he is off. I haven’t seen a lot of relaxation going on, but there has been a good deal of fun. We have had people over for dinner. We have hit the pool and the lake. We had an impromptu visit from one of B’s very best friends and godfather to 3 of our boys. We went out for Chinese (in a restaurant…very big deal here. We don’t normally eat in public. Too many rowdy kids and all.). We managed to squeeze in a little bit of school shopping along with not 1, not 2 but 6 well-child doctor’s appointments. Do we know how to have fun or what?!

**On a side note, Jonathan was super entertaining at his appointment this morning. The nurse was chit-chatting with him and asking him if he was excited to go to kindergarten. He said that he was and then  he looked at her and said, “I want my name to be Gary instead of Jonathan.” What the what?? I have no idea where that came from but he wasn’t finished. He then continued on to say that “Well, maybe not Gary. Maybe Freddy. Yes, Freddy. It will be great. ” She chuckled and said that he was one funny boy. He looked her right in the eye and said, “Yes. Yes I am.”  I am still not entirely sure where he came from.

Thirdly, I am 100% over this ridiculous Pokemon Go game. We live on a relatively quiet street. Thankfully there is normally not a whole lot going on, aside from the guy gutting the building across the street from us. ( He is getting it ready for renovations to change the former elementary school into a house for the Marians of the Immaculate Conception!! We will have an order of Marians living right across the street from us!) I love the quietness of the street. And then came Pokemon. Hate it. There have been all of these random cars driving down our street. They drive very slowly, and suspiciously. I had my phone in my hand to call the police the other night because I was sure that they were looking for a drug deal. They weren’t. Apparently there is some stupid egg thing or ball thingy on my porch. I don’t get it.  I understand that people like that it gives their kids incentive to walk and get some exercise. Excercise is great! I am 100% supportive of exercise and getting kids outside. But here is a crazy idea…you could always just go for a walk. Look for birds or flowers or, heck, stray cats if you want. Just a thought… But to each his own, blah, blah, blah. If you want to play Pokemon. Go for it. Just don’t do it in front of my house, please.

Ok. That is enough random thoughts and ramblings for the day.