All About Aiden

What a few days for this little guy! Yesterday Aiden received his First Holy Communion. Today is his 8th birthday! He is a fuzzy blonde haired hot mess of a boy. His shoes are never tied, and his knees are always bruised. But his heart is big as his eyes are blue. (Which is really, really blue, in case you are wondering.) He is funny and weird and sweet and pretty much everything that you want in a little boy.

Yesterday, while we were sitting in the church before mass started, I could sense his excitement and his nervousness. I leaned over and whispered in his ear that he was about to receive the biggest gift that Jesus could ever give him. A grin spread across his little face and his eyes lit up. “I know mom,” he said. “It’s really cool!”And then he turned his gaze back to the altar.


This was right before he stepped in a big pile of dog poop. Like I said, hot mess. 

When we came back to our pew after receiving Communion, he looked at me and whispered, “Mom, do I look more Jesusy?” More Jesusy??? Absolutely!


Getting Jesusy with Msgr.

We came home and had a party to celebrate his big day. The weather was beautiful and the food was plentiful. The company was great. All in all it was a wonderful day.



Party time!

Today is his 8th birthday. I can’t believe that it has been 8 years. Remembering Aiden’s birthday is one of those bittersweet moments… The Circle of Life…My Pappy passed away on the morning of the day that I had Aiden,  at the same hospital, while I was in labor. This is his story and he asks me to tell it to him often. He seems to take comfort in knowing that he has this special link to Pappy. The other day we were in the van on the way to school and the kids were talking about his upcoming birthday. Gianna, aka the Queen of Sass, interrupted him saying, ‘Yes Aiden, we know…you are the miracle baby that brought joy and happiness to the family again. We get it! Move on!” Ok, I realize how utterly bratty she sounded. But what she said was right. Of course the sadness of losing Pappy didn’t just disappear, but there is something about holding a tiny, little, new life that can ease the pain a bit.  A new baby is full of hope and promise and a reminder that good still exists in this crazy world that we live in.  And while losing a loved one is painful and difficult and just plain old sad,  it is really difficult to hold a sweet new baby and not feel a piece of your heart stir with joy.

So it has been 8 years since we have lost my sweet Pappy, but it has also been 8 years since this blonde haired, blue eyed, freckled mess of a little boy gave me a reason to smile again and again and again.

Happy Birthday Aiden Joseph! We love you!


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