Smelly Chrism and Confirmation and stuff!



As most moms know, the first few months after you have a baby are spent stumbling around in a sleep deprived, hormonally-imbalanced stupor. You hold that teeny little life in your arms and you can’t remember a moment when your heart wasn’t aching with love for your child. (You also can’t remember the last time that you took a shower or have eaten a warm meal, but that is beside the point.)You can’t begin to fathom the idea that this helpless little one will one day learn how to walk and talk. You teach your little ones their ABCs. You take them to church and you claim them for the God in Baptism. You teach them kindness and thoughtfulness.(Or at least to not hit their siblings over the head with a bat.) It feels almost as a  betrayal when your child begins school and their once little world, that revolved around you and your family, seems to explode. You are no longer the center. You are somewhere in their periphery, a stable, constant presence. You pray that as their world grows, they cling to the same center that grounds your life, a faithful God.


And then it happens…you blink. Suddenly they have changed overnight from sweet little chubby-faced babies to lovely, bright-eyed young ladies.

DSCN2423 (1).JPG

Like a crazy person I start to hear that favorite wedding song, “Sunrise, Sunset”play in my head.” Is this the little girl I carried???”  There is no freaking way.

And yet, here they are, all grown up. Hannah and Gianna were confirmed on Sunday. They have stood up in our church and claimed the Catholic Faith for their own. They no longer need an adult to speak up for them as their godparents did years ago at their Baptisms. No, they spoke for themselves. They each chose their Sponsor to help guide them as “adults” in the eyes of the church.(Hannah chose DJ. Gianna chose Coley) They each chose a special saint to look toward for guidance.(Hannah chose Saint Cecilia and Gianna chose Saint Rita.) They have each chosen to keep God firmly at the center of their lives.

As the Bishop anointed their heads with the deliciously smelling chrism and their sponsors placed their hands on their shoulders, it struck me as such a beautiful moment. Not only have Hannah and Gianna made this choice, but they each chose one of their siblings to help them through this journey. I could truly see the Holy Spirit alive in my children as they shared that special moment. Proud Momma here!