Tomorrow…We Eat!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am so ready for it, well aside from the fact that I haven’t made my pies yet, but whatever. I am ready to kick off the holiday season! I love this time of year. I know that people always say that, but I REALLY mean it.  Eating yummy food, seeing family, eating yummy food, the lights and decorations, eating yummy food. ( I am really excited about eating tomorrow. Can you tell?)The other super awesome Nicole Hough and I (with a little help from DJ) managed to get our halls decked. (Yay Decorations!!) We are ready to go with the exception of our tree, which we are getting on Sunday. (I know that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but it is soooo late this year. It is completely throwing off my Christmas preparations. Sorry Turkey Day, but I needed to get started!) We will kick off our Thanksgivingpalooza at 12:00 sharp in Dubois with Brian’s Dad and his wife. We will then head to Kittanning for 4:00 for dinner at my Mom and Dad’s house for Thanksgiving dinner with my mom’s side. Friday is dinner at Brian’s Mom’s house. And we will wrap it up at my Mom and Dad’s house (again) for the Gaggini Thanksgiving dinner. Wow. That is a lot of Thanksgiving. Yes, A LOT. The good thing is that at both meals at my parent’s house there will be plenty of non-turkey options, and Brian’s mom is making roast beef for her dinner, so there is no fear of a turkey overload, unless, of course, I want it. But, the even better thing is that there will be lots of pie. Yummo! I am not much of a cake person, but give me a big ole heaping apple pie and I am one HAPPY girl. 

To be honest, it doesn’t really take a whole lot to make me happy. Pie, family and a nap (for me or the littles, either is good). That is the perfect Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to spending the day with my favorite 10 people. The husband is off for a long weekend and is very happy. Happy husband means happy me. Happy me means happy kids. Happy kids means happy husband…you get it. It’s a very cyclical thing. The big kids are off of work, so they will all be with us all day. That has become a rare thing.  They are always zipping around with work or sports or friends or whatever. So it will be a treat to have all three of them around  all day. The middles and the littles are obviously going to be with us too, so it will be the Hough 11 going strong! Woo Hoo! Now, I have no delusions folks. I know that where we go, chaos follows. But, that is life with our crazy crew. Chaos is our normality. Chaos isn’t always bad. It  keeps things interesting. Things are never boring around here. That is something to be thankful for! I am thankful for chaos. That makes the peacefulness at the end of the night, all the better. 
So let’s see…Pie…Check!…Family…Check!…Nap…we shall see…Looking good for a happy Thanksgiving! Love to you all!!! The Houghs are going to rock Thanksgivingpalooza!!!! God Bless!