Selling a house with kids…not fun

Wowee….Can I just say that this whole moving thing is Ca-Ray-ZEEEE! We have known that we would be moving since October when Brian accepted the job in Steubenville. And to be honest, I actually started packing then. We have filled (and I am somewhat horrified by this…) 5 dumpsters with junk. I have donated 16 garbage bags of clothes. I have donated 4 boxes of books. I have passed several things on to family and friends. It has been a massive purge. I can say that I loved that. It definitely wasn’t fun to do, but it feels so good afterwards. During that whole craziness, I have been packing too. We started to do all of the painting and renovations in January. We have since replaced all of the flooring in the kitchen, dining room and living room. I have refinished all of the kitchen cupboards. (Every stinking one…it was a loooooooong process…really long.) We have replaced all of the appliances. (yeah, every one…. insert tear here) We have painted everything. The windows are all new. It has been a ton of money and even more work.

But, all of that being said, none of that is even remotely as difficult as keeping this house immaculately clean for showings. These dear, sweet, lovable children of mine are little tornadoes of mass destruction and mess. Seriously! If I could just pause the kids and place them safely in a closet or something until this whole process was over, well that would be great. Don’t worry. There will not be any children tucked away in the closets, but oh my gosh! We have always had a very lived in house. I try to keep it about 10 minutes from “company ready”  but I want people to come in to our house and feel comfortable. I want the kids to feel like they can live here without tiptoeing around a lot of fancy pantsy things. I mean, come on. We have nine kids. Everything in our house has probably already been broken and glued back together again. And that is fine. BUT it does not make for a good house showing.  ugh. I am like a broken record. “Make your bed. ” “Ok,now make your bed like I would make it.” “Seriously, GET YOUR BED MADE!” “Please put your clothes away.” “Put your clothes away before I throw them away.” “Why are there toys up here?” “Didn’t I already pack that?” “WHO WAS UNPACKING THINGS??” You get the idea. It is like my own personal purgatory. In fact that will probably be my purgatory. I will have to keep a house clean with hundreds of kids undoing everything that I have already done. Yep.

We have been very blessed to find an amazing home to move in to . Now, we just need to sell this house so that we can close on the new home. We have had a ton of interest. Now we just have to sit back, keep everything clean and wait to see what happens. And the whole waiting thing is about as much fun as the constant cleaning. So, my friends…please pray for peace and patience and a buyer. Thanks! (If you happen to stop by and hear some muffled sounds coming from a closet…maybe let the kids out for a quick breath of fresh air. JUST KIDDING!!!)