April Fools Day…ugh

Can I just say that I HATE, capital H HATE, April Fools Day. In this house full of imaginative and prankish boys, it is not fun. There have been cups of water precariously balanced on the tops of slightly opened doors. This has lead to all kinds of mess, including Brian needing to change his clothes once. Whoops! (That one clearly didn’t go as planned!) There was a plan to place a puddle of glue on Jake’s computer so that he would think that somebody spilled milk on it. (Thankfully the glue didn’t dry, because I am fairly certain that the retribituon would have been swift and severe. )  Noah threw a handful of cinnamon into Jake’s coffee. Unfortunately for him, he did it right in front of Jake so not only did Jake not drink it, but Noah ended up getting trouble for wasting a cup of coffee and cinnamon.

The only thing that has made today, even slightly tolerable is the fact that Jonathan is 100%  committed, but completely confused as to what a prank actually is. For instance, he taped a piece of toilet paper to Coley’s door knob. I am not really sure why he thought that would be funny, but his giggles as he told me about, clearly indicated that he was quite pleased with himself. He also put tape on our light switch and “totally got Dad!” Again, not really sure what the prank was, but he was beaming with pride. He  put a nerfgun under Aiden’s pillow and switched some of their video games into the wrong cases. (Maybe he forgot that he is the only one that can’t read?! And honestly, they never ever put their games away in the correct cases normally…sooooo, I am not seeing the prank.) He also “fake gave” Aiden a picture. I am not even sure what that means.lol

But I think that the best prank of today was pulled of by yours truly. Jonathan came into my room this morning before I had actually gootten out of bed and he was telling me about all of his jokes. I asked him, very seriously, if he had looked outside yet. He said no. I then said, “Oh! You didn’t see all of the snow?! It snowed so much that you can probably go sledding and build a snowman.” He ran to the window and looked out. He turned to me looking rather confused. “April Fools!” I shouted. A slow grin took over his little face. “Nice one Mom!” he exclaimed appreciatively. Nice one…